Every Tuesday evening in July, August and the first week of September, hundreds of people, both local and tourists, flock to Laparade for the most popular night market in the area.

Cars start arriving from 5pm so that the tables with the stunning view across the Lot valley can be claimed! It’s a picnic on a grand scale with the exception that the only things you bring with you are plates, glasses, napkins and cutlery. Everything else you could possibly want is bought from the wonderful choice of local producers. This is why it is called the Marché des Producteurs!

Oysters from Arcachon at the Laparade 47 night market
Fresh beef cooked while you wait at the Laparade 47 night market
Sheep's cheese at the Laparade 47 night market

If you love traditional French food, there are fresh oysters, and garlic snails. There is a beef truck where you choose your piece of meat and it’s freshly cooked to your liking while you wait. If you prefer, chicken is always available from another popular stall. Everything you need for an excellent meal is available, from selections of different cheeses, fruits, waffles, crepes, and of course the all-important local wines, and beers.

Escargots at the Laparade 47 night market
Local wine producer at the Laparade 47 night market
Wine, nuts and waffles from the Lot-et-Garonne region at the Laparade 47 night market

There is an opportunity to buy a raffle ticket, and the numbers for some great prizes are chosen at about 21.00. Numbers are called in both French and English. To complement a thoroughly enjoyable, convivial evening, there is a different musician each week, with space to enjoy some dancing.

Mick Fontaine, a musician at the Laparade 47 night market

For the children there is face-painting, and for an adult treat recently there has been the opportunity for a relaxing head, shoulder or back massage behind a discreet curtained area. There are also local artisans demonstrating and selling their products some of which include  beautiful wooden items, or jewellery.

Musicians who perform each week at the Laparade 47 night market
Items from a wood-turner's stall at the Laparade 47 night market
A view of some of the stalls at the Laparade night market, with lots of people!

Everything rounds off around 23.00pm and everyone leaves having had a thoroughly memorable time in a fabulous medieval village with stunning views. What’s not to love!

PS: It was at a night market where we had a table with the fabulous view that we decided to buy a house, and that house shares the same view!!