Every weekend following the ‘quinze août’ (15 August: the traditional end of the French holiday season, but the start for some!), there is a special fête held in the village of Laparade in the Lot-et-Garonne 47. For one year before, a dedicated committee of the Foyer Rural have been creating the Laparade annual fête, a wonderful weekend of events for villagers, and visitors alike to enjoy.

A Super Loto at the Salles des Fêtes (communal hall) hosted by Francette, affectionately known as Mamounette, kickstarts the festivities on the Friday evening. It is usually packed with everyone not only having a lot of fun but hoping to win the grand prize of 200 euros.

On Saturday evening we are treated to not one, but two free concerts, with some great musicians. This year we have Altalina from Bordeaux at 19.30, and Lily Avaz, with French/Latin music at 21.30. Everyone gathers in the Place de l’eglise (Place of the Church) where you can purchase a ticket for your meal, lovingly prepared and served by members of the committee, and shared at long tables.

Sunday starts early at 7am with a vide-grenier (literally: attic sale) and sees locals and professionals selling a wide range of assorted and interesting items. Then at 16.00 everyone lines the streets for the carnival parade through the village accompanied by a band, and dancers. This year is the Brass Band de Casseneuil, and Samba dancers. It’s loud, colourful, fun and the children love it (so do the adults!!)

As if these aren’t enough, running parallel is also an exhibition at the Salle des Fêtes, and this year it’s an Exposition sur le Cirque (all about the history of the Circus).

If you wanted to have a tour of our fabulous village, we also have a resident Raconteur de Pays (qualified guide) who will give you a fascinating insight into the history of Laparade. This will mainly be in French, but with a group of 8 or more English speakers, Francoise will conduct the tour in English.

The whole weekend is rounded off at 18.30 with an Apéritif de clôture (closing aperitif) which is offered courtesy of the committee. If an apéritif is not enough, then throughout the weekend, a central bar serves cold beer, wine, water, and other non-alcoholic drinks.

Overall there is something for everyone! As with our night market, what’s not to love!!

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